Shaun's Pathfinder Skull & Shackles Campaign

16-22 Pharast 4715
The Fever Sea

1. The crew returned to find the hulk of the ship they left hidden along Bag Island and worked to get it seaworthy enough to tow back to Port Peril. The ship arrived in the city with the hulk safely.

While the crew was away, the inn yielded the following profits and losses from 8th to 22nd Pharast:

+74 gold pieces
+5 silver pieces
-6 potential influence
+1 potential labor
-2 real goods
-2 real labor
-2 real influence
-2 real magic

15 Pharast 4715
The Fever Sea

1. The Bloody Trident rendezvoused with the Salty Flagon and together they found and attacked the Iron Will. Overcoming the captain, they ransacked the ship before its privateer escorts from the Gold Dragons of Abadar could capture them. The Bloody Trident and the Salty Flagon went separate ways and may rendezvous in Port Peril later.

13-14 Pharast 4715
The Fever Sea

1. The Bloody Trident headed to the rendezvous point to meet with the Salty Flagon.
2. On the second day, two ships out of Bloodcove, the Mwangi Queen and the Fallen Paladin, were seen sailing southwest. Bilge recalled these as the escort ships sailing with the Iron Will on behalf of the Aspis Consortium. The ships ignored each other.

9-12 Pharast 4715
The Fever Sea

1. The Bloody Trident encountered the Dryad’s Grave south west of Shark Island and parleyed with “Milksop” Morton, agreeing to pay him 5 point of plunder if he’d use the Ring of the Iron Skull to lead them to the wreck of the Brine Banshee. He agreed and did so.
2. The Bloody Trident arrived at the site of the wreck, northwest of Shark Island and Raptor Island, paid “Milksop” Morton and parted ways.
3. On 12 Pharast Bilge, Afton, Davian and Hav dove to the wreck of the Brine Banshee and recovered Jalhazar’s Wheel, amongst other treasures. The crew spent the day raising most of these treasures from the sea floor.

8 Pharast 4715
Ollo, The Fever Sea

1. The inn officially opened in Port Peril under Karen Astoroth’s management.
2. The crew set out to find “Milksop” Morton and the Brine Banshee who held the Ring of the Iron Skull which Hanelius Fitch said was the key to finding the Brine Banshee.

7 Pharast 4715
The Fever Sea, Ollo

1. The Bloody Trident avoided an encounter with a water spout.
2. The bloody Trident landed at Ollo. All silver coins, weapons and jewelry were confiscated at the gates.
3. At the Greenscale Arms, the party learned the location of Hanelius Fitch’s medical practice.
4. The party secured the help of Hanelius Fitch for the promise of 1/5 of the coins found in the Brine Banshee.
5. The party overcame an abused chimera which broke loose in the city. They then spoke to Avimar Sorrinash regarding this and were rewarded for their assistance.

6 Pharast 4715
The Fever Sea

1. The Bloody Trident continued on its journey to Ollo.

5 Pharast 4715, Day of Bones
Port Peril, the Fever Sea

1. Bilge received his newly enchanted gun from the Mystic’s Redoubt.
2. The Bloody Trident set sail for Ollo.
3. Near dawn in Jeopardy Bay, swarms of rats broke out of the bilge. Bilge, Davian, Hav and Afton defeated the swarms in the cargo hold. Fimble Fishbreath was found dead in the bilge, the apparent victim of a rat husbandry and slaughter operation gone out of control.

4 Pharast 4715
Port Peril

1. Bilge, Afton and Hav spent the day attempting to recruit additional crew for the Bloody Trident. Hav succeeded in recruiting 4 shipmates.
2. Hav spent goods so that a shrine to Besmara would be constructed at the inn. It will be complete when the inn is, on 8 Pharast

3 Pharast 4715
Port Peril

1. Hav spent the day gaining 1 point of magical capital by performing healings in Crescent Harbor.
2. Bilge had his gun enchanted at the Mystic’s Redoubt.
3. Bilge signed up for the Free Captain’s Regatta with Mayor Sabas Obadio.


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