Tessa Fairwind

Lady of Quent; Captain of the "Luck of the Draw", CN Female Half-Elf Bard


Tessa Fairwind is a slender woman with long red hair worn in a no-nonsense braid. She wears a figure-hugging combination of fashionable finery and practical sailor’s clothes with a tricorne hat at a jaunty angle. Her fine features and delicately pointed ears accent her exquisite looks, and she moves with a fluidity and graceful efficiency evident in her every motion.


Tessa Fairwind is one of the most popular members of the Pirate Council of the Shackles, and is widely expected to be the next Hurricane King. Wanting the freedom to do as she pleases and wanting a strong Hurricane King who sees things her way, she commands one of the largest fleets in the Shackles. She is a known abolitionist, believing that slavery flies in the face of the freedom that she feels the Shackles should embody. She is well known for taking on dangerously reckless raids that seem doomed to failure, yet somehow always snatching victory against all odds. She rules Quent, second largest of the Shackles’ ports, and is captain of the sloop Luck of the Draw.

Tessa Fairwind

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