Pierce Jerrell

Captain of "The Salty Flagon"; CN Male Human Fighter/Sorcerer


Pierce Jerrell is a dashing young man with a handsome, square-jawed face and finely muscled frame. He wears an unadorned black path over his left eye and dresses in a loose, flowing shirt and high boots. His self-assured manner and easy smile radiate self-confidence. He moves with an understated swagger that suggests he’s well accustomed to standing astride the swaying deck of a ship at sea.


Pierce Jerrell, captain of the schooner Salty Flagon, wants nothing more than to live life to its fullest. He loves the adventure and excitement piracy brings, and enjoys spending his plunder on the finer things in life. He honorably accepts a challenge or agreement, eagerly fights a foe fair and square in single combat and doesn’t abuse prisoners or sell them into slavery. He does have a tempter, however and when angry, Pierce can become belligerent and ferocious. An example of this is when he lost his eye and his previous ship due to a double cross by Barnabas Harrigan at Rapier Bay. It’s said that he’s biding his time to exact vengeance.

Pierce Jerrell

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