Merrill Pegsworthy

Lord of Goatshead; Captain of "The Bonaventure"; CN Male Human Fighter


Merrill Pegsworthy is a seasoned former Andoren naval officer of the Gray Corsairs. He has a hardened battle-worn physique, wearing a neat mustache and goatee and his former Eagle Knight coat and epaulets. He is notable for his magical great sword and peg leg, the latter of which is a reminder of the event that altered his course in life.


Duty’s call is a strong voice, but when that voice changes to one of rejection, that which is left must become even stronger. A disillusioned former patriot, Merrill Pegsworthy now answers to his own code as he plies the waters of the Fever Sea. He met the crew of the Bloody Trident at Rickety Squibs after capturing his newest ship, the Brass Eagle. Quickly making friends with them, he has acted as something of a mentor to the fledgling pirate crew. He spoke on behalf of Bilge’s bid for Free Captaincy and even convinced the Hurricane King to give him a second chance following a poor performance at the King’s feast hall. He was recently named lord of Goatshead after leading the small pirate haven’s defense against a sahuagin attack.

Merrill Pegsworthy

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