Kerdak Bonefist

The Hurricane King; Captain of the "Filthy Lucre"; NE Male Human Fighter/Shackles Pirate


A blustery man with long black hair and beard, Bonefist looks more pirate than king, forgoing his crown and royal regalia for the long coat and tricorne hat of a sea captain. A tankard or ale rarely leaves his hand , but his most noteworthy feature are his magic pistol and skeletal right hand, the source of his sobriquet.


Kerdak Bonefist, the Hurricane King, is the leader of the Free Captains and accordingly effectively the head of state of the Shackles. He earned the position in 4674 AR by virtue of possessing the strongest fleet and holding Port Peril after the previous Hurricane King, Skavender Pitch, was murdered by a scorned lover. Despite his fearsomeness, he maintains this position only so long as he retains the confidence of the Pirate Council.

In addition to ruling Port Peril, largest of the ports of the Shackles, he also commands the man-o’-war Filthy Lucre, flagship of the pirate fleet. Bonefist has an obsession with firearms, and owns a magical pistol which he claims to have used to kill over a hundred people.

He would like to wrest control of the free port of Ilizmagorti from the Red Mantis, but so far he has been unable to get the other captains to agree to support such a bold venture.

His fortress home in Port Peril is known as Lucrehold. However, he prefers to spend most of his time at sea, handing over the running of the city to the joint control of Sabas Odabio, Pheiras Jakar and Tsojmin Kreidoros.

Kerdak Bonefist

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