Kassata Lewynn

Captain of the "Last Hurrah"; CN Female Human Fighter


This swaggering and cocksure woman is heavily tattooed, including an elaborate star burst on her forehead. Lithe and athletic she has lanky muscles sculpted from a life at sea. She’s well dressed, exudes an air of confidence and an impressive longsword hangs at her hip.


Kassata Lewynn is the daughter and heir of the infamous pirate captain Lucky Lewynn. When her father was assassinated by the Red Mantis Guild for plotting to annex their home port of Ilizmagorti into the Shackles, she took command of his ship and crew by popular demand.

She is a daring and able captain and has a reputation of being vindictive to those who cross her. She is more likely to ransome captives than to sell them into slavery and has made a name for herself as a trusty hostage broker. Since her father’s assassination, much of her attention has been focused on getting revenge against the Red Mantis. So far two assassins have tried to kill her and both have died in the attempt. She keeps their sawtooth sabres mounted above her cabin door as a warning and a challenge.

Much of her time lately has been consumed in the town of Bloodcove, preparing for some secretive expedition into the Mwangi Expanse. It’s unknown what she may be trying to accomplish and only her most trusted officers have been privy to her plans. She has so far kept her crew agreeable to trekking through the fetid jungles instead of roving the Fever Sea by promises of untold riches waiting to be claimed within the jungle. As proof of this, she produced a fist-sized gold nugget before her crew, inflaming gold fever within them and keeping them loyal so far.

The crew of the Bloody Trident was lead to Kassata Lewynn by Aerys Movoto to ransom some prisoners. The crew then assisted Kassata against the Aspis Consortium in setting up a base camp somewhere in the Mwangi Expanse. For their services, they’ve been able to count her as an ally.

Kassata Lewynn

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