Davian Thule

Human (Chelaxian) Fighter 7


Davian is a tall, handsome, broad-shouldered man with typical Chelaxian features including dark hair, and dark eyes. He keeps his hair long, and usually has it stuffed into a wide brimmed hat he wears to keep the sun and the rain out of his eyes while on deck.

He dresses in practical, dark colors including a tunic and cloak and favors a slender, but long Chellish-style greatsword that he calls “Oathbreaker.”

He is a loyal friend, and a prodigous fighter, but he still has some naievete about the world from his sheltered upbringing and he has a bad habit of speaking his mind, sometimes without the benefit of tact.


Davian was born the second son of a minor noble in Egorian, the capital of Cheliax. As a second son, his duty to his family was to either join the clergy or a hellknight order and be a bartering chip in arranged marriages in the constant power struggle of Chelaxian politics. At the age of 15, Davian decided to become an Armiger with the presigious Order of the Scourge, and he became a full fledged Hellknight by the age of 18.

Hellknights are normally feared and respected, and this is actively encouraged by the various orders in several ways, primarily through their adoption of fearsome looking weapons, armor, and iconography. However, most Hellknights, including Davian, join out of a sense of duty and a wish to be a part of something greater, seeing a world ruled by just laws and free of rampaging beasts and cheating thieves as a future well worth striving toward… even at the sacrifice of a little freedom. As a member of the landed elite in Cheliax, Davian never had any reason to question this status quo and served his order dutifully. This changed one fateful day in the slums of Egorian. Davian and his officer, Paralictor Azariah Kyras had been dispatched to investigate the rumor of a cell of terrorists that were reported to be responsible for several treasonous public acts against the House of Thrune.

After infiltrating the enemy stronghold and a fierce battle with several of the terrorists, Davian discovered a young girl weeping over the corpse of a female sorceress that had been slain in the conflict. Still wounded from the battle, his commander handed Davian his magical greatsword, Oathkeeper and told him to execute the child, as the same spell-tainted blood likely flowed in her veins.

At that moment, something in Davian snapped. Never once in his life had he ever questioned anything he had ever been instructed to do – but in that moment, he knew what his commander asked him wasn’t protecting anyone, it wasn’t keeping order, it was just savagery for savagery’s sake, and he just could not accept that. In that moment, he made a decision, that he would never again be content to just follow blindly along.

When Davian refused the order, Commander Kyras was enraged and stepped towards the child to carry out the deed himself, but Davian moved in front of the child to protect her. The paralictor then drew a gladius and challenged Davian to try and stop him. After a tense battle, Davian slew his commander and fled Egorian with the girl, who was named Anastasia.

Eventually the pair settled in Hell Harbor as Davian believed that it would be fitting as he too was a Chelaxian deserter. However, Lord Endymion’s paranoia about native Chelaxians made it difficult for Davian at first. However, after making a name for himself as a fierce combatant and a loyal shipmate on several vessels operating out of Hell Harbor, Captain Bartolo Angelos, a member of the Devil’s Own, took Davian under his wing and gave him a position as the Master-at-Arms on his ship, The Devil Dodger.

For ten years, Davian and Anastasia have lived in Hell Harbor. While he is at sea, Anastasia, now 16 years old, can mostly take care of herself, but their landlord, an elderly lady that the pair call “Abuela” checks in on her. Davian sends all of his money aside from what he needs back home to provide for Anastasia, and he truly loves the girl as his own daughter. The girl returns this love, but attempts to stay aloof, calling Davian by his name instead of any sort of paternal nickname and trying her best to act like an adult at all times.

Recently while on a mission with the Devil Dodger, the vessel was run on a reef and boarded by Sauhagin. Despite Davian’s prodigous sword-arm, he and the captain were forced to retreat to a nearby island, however the captain had been injured greatly in the fight and shortly succumbed to his wounds after making it to shore. When the Bloody Trident found him some time later, his only thought was to barter a way back to Hell Harbor, but now that he has fought alongside its crew he realizes that Hell Harbor may again be a difficult, unwelcome place it used to be now that Captain Angelos is gone.

Davian Thule

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