Barnabas Harrigan

Captain of the "Wormwood"; NE Male Human Rogue


Barnabas Harrigan is a tall, muscular man with skin the color of fertile earth. His head is shaved and he keeps his long black beard twisted and waxed into a single lock bound with gold rings. An eye patch covers his left eye socket.


Years of practice have made Harrigan an accomplished commander. He’s edgy enough to push his crew, though he isn’t a cruel leader. In his eyes abusiveness shows weakness. Harrigan always appears confident and in control of any situation, enforcing stern discipline aboard his ship. The Bloody Trident once belonged to Harrigan but its current crew was swept along in an ill-fated mutiny by his former first mate, Sebastian Plugg. There is no doubt Harrigan wants to recover what he still considers his ship. He has gone so far as to hire a Red Mantis assassin to kill whomever was captaining the ship. After the ratman captain of the Bloody Trident was recently spotted by Harrigan’s cabin girl, Caulky Tarroon, there is no doubt Harrigan’s drive to recover his stolen ship will be rekindled.

Barnabas Harrigan

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