Arronax Endymion

Lord of Hell Harbor; Captain of the "Tyrannous"; LE Male Human Aristocrat/Fighter


Endymion is a powerfully built, middle-aged man with pale skin and strong, chiseled Chelish features. His short-cropped black hair is only beginning to gray at the temples, and his eyes shine an icy blue. He takes great pride in his appearance and he wears only the finest clothing, custom tailored in the style of the pre-Thrune Chelish naval uniforms. He wears dozens of medals, presumably from his navy days, though he has had all of them recast in the shape of his jolly roger, a crouching imp skeleton run through with a spit. He retains the use of his previous rank of admiral, but he deliberately wears his admiral’s stripes upside down on his sleeves.


Arronax Endymion was once an admiral in the navy of Cheliax, but nowadays he is a member of the Pirate Council of the Shackles. He is captain of the ship-of-the-line Tyrannous, and leads a squadron of Shackles Pirates known as the Devils’ Own. After being publicly disgraced in Corentyn, Arronax Endymion covertly sailed past the Arch of Aroden in his flagship Tyrannous. Six more ships crewed by mutineers who had sworn their personal fealty to him years ago accompanied him. Endymion’s fleet managed to escape the pursuit by the Chelish Navy by sailing directly into the roaring Eye of Abendego. His flotilla survived and two weeks later Endymion laid siege to Hell Harbor, sinking a dozen pirate vessels and overcoming the town’s land defenses with ease. He now rules the port of Hell Harbor on the island known as Devil’s Arches. He is a lover of traditional Chelish opera, performed in the original Azlanti (not to be confused with the modern style currently popular in Cheliax). He is seeking to exterminate the town’s large imp population, in case some of them are Chelish spies. It is not known what scandal forced the former admiral to abandon the Chelish navy. Thus far, he has slain at least six people who had claimed to have known specific details of his disgrace.

Arronax Endymion

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