Master Gunner: LN Ratfolk Gunslinger 5


Bilge stands a little under four foot in height, not too short and not too tall for a ratfolk. Several areas of the fur on his face and body grow in rough, irregular patterns denoting the location of deep wounds received in combat. Bilge often regards people with a deep, calculating gaze and for those not considered his friend, they are often met with an open look of distrust. When Bilge actually smiles, one can note several teeth missing on the right side, the result of being stomped by a large human during a very close tunnel fight.

Bilge is always found wearing a tattered sailors jacket, tunic, and he often has a large hat hanging from a cord around his neck. A rusty cutlass hangs at his side but most often he can be found wielding a small pistol with the insignia of the Tunnel Guard engraved on the handle.

In battle, a marked difference comes over his demeanor and the former coolness is replaced with an almost savage bearing.


Bilge is a former member of the Tunnel Guard, a ragtag group of tunnel soldiers dedicated to defending the ratfolk village of Underhaven from invaders. Bilge specialized in close range fighting, taking a special shine to one handed firearms because of the speed and freedom of movement they allow in close quarters combat.

Bilge was a steady fighter in the Tunnel Guard until during his watch a group of human slavers managed to sneak past him and enter the city. Luckily the alarm was sounded and while no ratfolks were taken, some where killed and Bilge found himself racked with guilt at failing at his duty.

With his sense of honor in upheaval, Bilge decided to leave Underhaven for a while to find himself. He had secretly always wanted to become a sailor, but his loyalty to the colony prevented him from leaving. The killings on his watch proved to be bittersweet by allowing him to explore his dream.

Wanting to join a sailing vessel, Bilge found himself drugged and press ganged into servitude aboard the Wormwood. His dreams were dashed, he ironically found himself enslaved, and he was once again forced to back into a life of violence.


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