Shaun's Pathfinder Skull & Shackles Campaign

6 Gozran 4715

Port Peril

1. The Bloody Trident arrives in Port Peril.
2. Tessa Fairwind holds a party at her manor in honor of the winners of the Free Captain’s Regatta. Cerise Bloodmourn, Avimar Sorrinash, Jollis Raffles, Merrill Pegsworthy and Pierce Jerrell are also in attendance. The Hurricane King arrives to explain their prize, the Isle of Empty Eyes, and tell them that they have three months to prepare it for a visit from the Pirate Council.
3. The party buy supplies for their expedition to the island.
4. The refurbished ship is christened Phin’s Revenge and Aerys Movato is named its captain. She is tasked with operating out of Drenchport and to visit the Island of Empty Eyes within two weeks to bring supplies. She sets out to gather a crew for the ship, costing 6 Goods, 5 Influence, 11 Labor and taking 2 days.



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