Shaun's Pathfinder Skull & Shackles Campaign

1 Pharast 4715

Port Peril

The party was in Port Peril after their adventure in the Jasperleaf Apothecary.

1. A number of magical items were bought.
2. Afton, Bilge, Davian and Hav each spent 10 gold to maintain an average standard of living for the month of Pharast.
3. Rations were bought for the crew for the month of Pharast.
4. Party met Wendal Wash, owner of the “Whale of a Deal” pawn shop and paid him to forge a bill of sale for the Jasperleaf Apothecary.
5. Party got the deed to the Jasperleaf Apothecary building from Mayor Sabas Obadio and contracted labor to have it converted into an inn which will take an initial time of 1 week.
6. Party reported its findings regarding the spy ring to Tessa Fairwind who rewarded them with 60 points each of goods and labor and 10 points of influence to put towards their endeavors in the Shackles. She also recommended they register for the Free Captain’’s Regatta which will take place in one month.
7. Bilge, Davian and Hav killed two monsters in the Jasperleaf Apothecary and arranged for their crewman to dispose of all of the bodies.
8. Afton joined the crew.
9. Bilge agreed to assist Pierce Jerelle in raiding the “Iron Will” in two weeks.



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