Shaun's Pathfinder Skull & Shackles Campaign

9 Gozran 4715
The Island of Empty Eyes

1. The Bloody Trident lands at the Island of Empty Eyes.
2. The party spot a ruined fort on the northwestern shore of the bay and make way for it, encountering a giant octopus along the way.
3. In the fort, the party encounter a number of monsters, including giant crawling hands, an animate dream and phase spiders. They also encounter an insane castaway named Ederleigh Baines, barricaded in one of the buildings.

8 Gozran 4715
Port Peril, the Fever Sea

1. Phin’s Revenge sets sail for Drenchport.

7 Gozran 4715
Port Peril, The Fever Sea

1. The Bloody Trident sets sail for the Island of Empty Eyes.

6 Gozran 4715
Port Peril

1. The Bloody Trident arrives in Port Peril.
2. Tessa Fairwind holds a party at her manor in honor of the winners of the Free Captain’s Regatta. Cerise Bloodmourn, Avimar Sorrinash, Jollis Raffles, Merrill Pegsworthy and Pierce Jerrell are also in attendance. The Hurricane King arrives to explain their prize, the Isle of Empty Eyes, and tell them that they have three months to prepare it for a visit from the Pirate Council.
3. The party buy supplies for their expedition to the island.
4. The refurbished ship is christened Phin’s Revenge and Aerys Movato is named its captain. She is tasked with operating out of Drenchport and to visit the Island of Empty Eyes within two weeks to bring supplies. She sets out to gather a crew for the ship, costing 6 Goods, 5 Influence, 11 Labor and taking 2 days.

3-5 Gozran 4715
The Fever Sea, Drenchport

1. The Bloody Trident sets sail for Drenchport to purchase supplies.
2. In Drenchport, Orrl the sorcerer joins the crew. Provisions are purchased for the month and each party member pays 10 gold for an average standard of living for the month. Hav purchases a 5000 GP diamond from the Artisan’s Guild.
3. The Bloody Trident sets sail for Port Peril.

1-2 Gozran 4715
The Fever Sea

1. The Bloody Trident participates in the Free Captain’s Regatta. They overcome many threat, including an attack from a dragon turtle, a lightning elemental and many sailing challenges. At the end, it seemed The Wormwood had won, until it was proven be Pierce Jerrell, captain of The Salty Flagon, that Barnabas Harrigan had intentionally sunk The Spit in the Eye, disqualifying him and giving the victory the The Bloody Trident, which came in second. The Wormwood left the race in shame.

31 Pharast 4715
Cauldron Rock

1. Bilge meets with the other competing captains aboard The Kraken. He encounters Barnabas Harrigan who interrogates him about the location of his lost ship.
2. After the meeting, the crew explore the nearby beach and speak with Tessa Fairwind, Cerise Bloodmourne, Merrill Pegsworthy, Aspogar Astian and Tho Rimplethember.

From the 22nd through the 31st of Pharast, the Sea Leg yielded and lost the following profits:

+35 gold pieces
+16 silver pieces
+40 potential influence
+25 potential goods
+2 real influence
+4 real goods

30 Pharast 4715
The Fever Sea

1. The Bloody Trident continues its journey to Cauldron Rock for the Free Captain’s Regatta.
2. Repairs to the ship left at dry dock in Port Peril are completed.
3. The game room is completed at the Sea Leg.

27 Pharast 4715
Port Peril

1. The Bloody Trident leaves Port Peril to take part in the Free Captain’s Regatta.

23 Pharast 4715
Port Peril

1. Bilge constructed a new gun.
2. Hav settled a rivalry between the Sea Leg and the Cup & Rudder.
3. Bilge made a deal with a local shipwright to fix the found ship for 2412 gold. He also purchased a corvus, heavy ballista and upgraded sails for the Bloody Trident.


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